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Somerset Fireplace Restoration

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Fireplace Restoration - Before and Afters

Woodlouse Conservation Limited have undertaken many inglenook and traditional fireplace restorations. This gallery shows before and after photos of some of these projects we have undertaken in Taunton and surrounding areas across Somerset.

Fire 1.JPG Fire 2.jpg

After the removal of an old back boiler, Woodlouse Conservation restored this period fireplace to its former glory. This included localised stone repairs, oak restoration, re-pointing and the installation of a new slate hearth.

Restoration of a 16th Century Fireplace

green1.JPG green2.JPG Mowatt1.JPG Mowatt2.JPG hillfarance_b1.jpg hillfarance_b18.jpg

A beautiful 16 century inglenook fireplace

Our client approached us due to their fireplace being a mishmash of a number of different build mediums with a number of different unsympathetic repairs carried out throughout the ages. After carefully matching a mortar sample in texture, tone and colour to the original of the house build, we carried out a number of localised re-builds to remove inappropriate building materials (modern bricks and foreign stonework) and fully re-pointed the fireplace in its entirety. This now fully restored fireplace is left with a uniform, traditional finish with locally sourced materials and mediums.

This false-fronted fireplace in a client's Georgian property was completely inappropriate for the property's age and character. After structural analysis we removed the facade to reveal the beautiful brick lintel and original build material. After removal of a number of tonnes of debris we cleaned the masonry and repointed the brick lintel and fire back with a carefully chosen lime putty mortar. We finished the breast by lime plastering the remaining brick work and laid a slate hearth ready for the install of a woodburner.

This beautiful red sandstone built fireplace was an incredible find after the client removed the 70's gas fire and studwork. Not knowing how to proceed, they contacted us to restore the fireplace back to its original standing. We removed all modern plasters and hooked out the stonework ready for specialist re-pointing works. As we travelled through the restoration we discovered a bread oven, stone seat and undamaged slate hearth and fire back, a rare find. After specialist cleaning and re-pointing works with graded aggregates and appropriate lime work, the fireplace was re-established as the room’s focal point. A most interesting and rewarding project.

As with many fireplaces it had been mistreated with cement mortars, synthetic paints and sealants. We completely blast cleaned the masonry to remove the inappropriate coverings and hooked out all the dull, hard, hermetically sealed cement mortars. With it fully re-pointed using a carefully matched lime mortar tended traditionally, and the introduction of a locally coloured slate hearth, the fireplace became the focal point of the room as it had always meant to be.

hillfarance_b18.jpg hillfarance_b6.jpg SDC13393.JPG SDC13421.JPG SDC13495.JPG SDC13583.JPG

This rather bland looking fireplace was built within an 80’s extension to a beautiful 17th Century farm workers cottage. Our client requested a more sympathetic and becoming fireplace for the cottage. After opening up and raising the aperture we introduced local stone work to the cheeks with a reclaimed oak lintel, finished with traditional lime plasterworks to the fire back and surrounding wall. The hearth was sourced by our client. Cut and laid by ourselves, it sits beautifully with its surroundings.

A beautiful example of a 15th Century inglenook fireplace with accompanying bread ovens and very rare corn drying kiln! All of this was hidden under tonnes of rubble behind an ugly 40’s façade. A truly magnificent find that had us all brimming with excitement!  The specialist restoration of this lovely structure included timber cleaning and stabilisation, matched and approved mortar repairs and re-pointing works, and locally sourced, matched and reclaimed masonry. The restoration was completed with the addition of a slate hearth and wood burning stove.

Situated in North Petherton we were invited to open up and restore the cottage’s main fireplace. After digging through one back boiler, three rook skeletons and two tons of brick rubble and soot, we were joyed to find the original aperture with the brick work in immaculate condition with full brick lintel! We gently cleaned the masonry back with a soft sandblasting followed by a colour matched lime mortar to that of the original and the introduction of a traditional blue/green slate fire hearth. With the addition of a dual fuel woodburner, the picture was finished!

Our client found the fireplace and back wall to be rather over-bearing and asked us to soften the overall feel of the room. We instigated a false wall in front of the back wall (thus changing the vista, yet preserving the stone behind for future generations if they ever decided to open it all back up). The fireplace itself was lime plastered with an oak lintel faced onto the brick arch.

Fireplace in Curry Rivel awaiting restoration 2014. Watch this space.

beacon 1.jpg beacon 5.jpg beacon 8.jpg 01.JPG 02.jpeg 001.JPG 002.JPG

0002.JPG 0001.JPG

We where requested to take two fireplaces, backing onto each other, sharing the same chimney yet different chambers, and create a through-and-through fireplace. We removed the modern additions in both apertures and then proped and linteled the feathering course that sepearted them. We restored the brick lintels on each side, laid a full slate hearth running through the two and carried out specialist plasterworks to finish. With the installation of the double doored woodburner the through-and-through fireplace now allows light between the two rooms and frames the flames in the burner from both sides, as well as bringing warmth and space to both rooms. A most rewarding project.

Through & Through Fireplace - Porlock

p001.jpg p002.jpg p003.jpg p004.jpg p005.jpg p006.jpg p007.jpg p008.jpg

Presented with a beautiful inglenook that had been altered throughout the ages to accommodate a much smaller fireplace. We very excitingly re-opened it back to it original aperture ready for restoration works later in the year. It’s always amazing what volume of material comes out after a full evacuation!  

1.JPG 2.JPG 3.JPG 4.JPG Image28.jpg

An interesting find in Devon. One of the few times we have found such a tall aperture. We suspect that it was an adaptation from a previous inglenook long forgotten and altered. New oak lintel and accompanying lime work. The fire basket was raised to allow better draw for the open fire. A pleasing result bringing some character back to the cottage.


A real delight to find this aperture behind the pre-fabricated imitation brick surround. We installed a new oak lintel and found the original slate hearth. With some careful work we managed to save the majority of the herring bone slate fire bed and let in a reclaimed slate section on which to seat the woodburner.