fireplace renovation somerset
fireplace renovation somerset
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fireplace restoration and renovation

With each restoration project we undertake an investigation to reveal evidence which enables us to restore the fireplace to its original splendour. Not all fireplace renovations are straightforward and many involve the sympathetic installation of reclaimed timbers where the originals have been damaged by water, insects or previous alteration works. New stonework may be required and hearths brought in. Our expertise, which has developed over many years, enables us to choose materials which are not only as close-a-match-as-possible to those used in the original construction, but which are also characteristic of the area.

When renovating your fireplace, we use lime mortars and carefully selected reclaimed bricks, stone and timber beams to ensure full authenticity in our restoration work. Great care is taken to ensure structural integrity and to replicate period designs. Utilising our extended team we are able to offer a comprehensive service which sees projects through from start to finish, including the all-important first fire.

In addition to Fireplace Restoration we carry out all types of restoration and renovation of period properties. Visit the main Woodlouse Conservation website for further information on the services we can offer. Please click here.

I would not hesitate in asking Zachary and his team to undertake work at my home again. The quality, attention to detail, genuine care and pride in their work is second to none

S. Steel-Perkins